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I hear it all the time. Hockey fans do not their team to acquire Eric Lindros because he's a 'headcase' and 'whiner'. He is? It's about time for these myths to be squashed.

What about when he refused to play for Quebec, you ask? Well that was then, he was eighteen. He is now 30. It's not fair to judge him on what he did then.

What about his run-in with Bobby Clarke in his days with Philadelphia, you ask? You mean when Clarke got mad after Lindros refused to play another game after suffering his fourth concussion? Then, when an enraged Clarke stripped Lindros of the teams captaincy, having the press watch the "C" get sewn onto Eric Desjardins' sweater?

Also, what about his parents? Whatever team lands Eric has to deal with his protective parents Carl and Bonnie Lindros, right? It seems I've already forgotten about them. They have been a non-factor since Eric's departure from Philadelphia. They haven't said a word. Not when he was benched by Bryan Trottier, not when he was the 13th forward at the 2002 Olympics. By the way, did you hear a word from Eric himself during those times?

People close to the Ranger organization say that Lindros is very supportive of the younger players the Rangers have seen over Lindros' tenure in New York. The Big E knows as much as anyone how hard it can be to break into the league in the spotlight, and does his best to make the transition a smooth one for the youngsters.

After his struggling teammate Tom Poti scored overtime winners in back-to-back nights, shocking the city of New York, Lindros said what Poti really needed to hear. Eric said he wasn't surprised by Poti's performance because he's a "helluva player." After Matthew Barnaby struggled to find a spot in training camp, Lindros declared how important Barnaby was to the team. Barnaby has since picked up his play greatly.

If Lindros was indeed a "whiner" or a "headcase" during the early stages of his career, that has nothing to do with the way he is today. So please, say no more about the baggage that Lindros that Lindros carries with him.